Mom and Siblings

John Aubry Purser, November 24, 1965

Honoring my 7 siblings in Heaven plus one that was in Heaven before she was born. Plus mom and dad. I miss them.The only picture of all of us together. left to right Naomi Ruth (Sims) Ouida Fay (Eiland), Janetta Ladell (Robertson,Castle, Murphy), me Peggy Margarett Arlene (Freeman) mom, behind her Nolan Aubrey, Jerald Don, Johnny Junior, David Earl and Dad is in the chair.

Peggy Purser Freeman on National Sibling Day.

Arthur’s Family in Tyler

“Arthur is standing behind Aunt Edna and I think Charlie. He is in line with the door frame to your right. To his right is my daddy’s favorite Aunt, and the closest thing to a grandmother that I ever had. She was my Great Aunts Edna or as we called her Nanna. She was married to Robert Paul (Big D). He worked for Union Pacific too….like me.  That house is in Tyler. It is where my daddy ran to last time he left Bunkers.  They were there cause they’re brother Talmadge had got killed in WWII. He drove a jeep and hit a land mine… I’ve been told.”  – Tim J Sims

Flash of Eternity

Sometimes I know.
When the Earth is still under a quiet Moon
Near the brim of dawn.

Through dew glint in star bright sky,
An elm’s creak.
And a frequency.

The pure, soft of light
Glow behind shadows.
It is the Milky Way.

Listen beyond the sound
Ten Thousand lives fading into focus.
On a cedar wind.

A tendril below being.
It’s always there.
In the frequency.

The fabric of eternity
A flash on the fiber of reason.
It is the dust.

How can you touch it?
The whole world inside of you.
You are almost there.